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Hey guys, as you know, the group hasn't really hosted any events... or even any artwork due to the fact that SH Extra artwork is pretty rare to come across.

And, due to me and my lacking of 'fun time', I havent really been a good enough group coordinator lately.
So, if you guys have got nothing to do, how about takeing your mouse or pens and pencils and having a go at drawing Blondey or Charles?
Despite the fact that the group icon indicates just Blondey, this group really is for ALL extras ^^

Just remember that we're always open for someone to have a go at making or re-designing the group icon- we just want to see what your creative minds can come up with.
We were going to set up a group contest with- 'Who can draw the best Blondey or any other extra crossover'.
Like an extra as a Pokemon trainer for instance ^^;
...Or something to do with Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantacy due to their awesomeness.
Due to my workload however, I dont really have the time to be organising this... But, try as you will. You never know, during the summer after exams (thats after June 28th), I'll have nothing to do and you may just get something special from me and the team ^^

Thanks for reading :salute:
As some of you may have now noticed, we have an avatar/icon thanks to :iconad1er:!
You're still welcome to try making your own icons, the group's drawing and art range is a bit limited seeing as ... no ones actually drawn her yet ^^;

But that's ok, it's ok! I'm working on a blooper especially for Blondey to see how many episodes she's been in. The computer does sound like it's gonna blow up after the 5th minute on the internet however so I have to be gentle with it... *Brings out the axe*

Anyway, I'll try to get that done ^^
I was also thinking, should we give Blondey a name? Or should that be her name? Only Charles the Cyclonian got a name too... maybe they know each other?

Anyhoo, keep watching those Youtube vids and longing for Blondey every time you see an empty background, or even one without her ^^
Hey guys and thanks for joining!
I know, its a bit of an awkward group as there's basically no Storm Hawks art done for our favourite exra, so if you can- PLEASE DO!!!

I was thinking that maybe to start off our group we could make a short contest to design the group avatar?

Me and :iconad1er: could be the judges, just tell us ASAP of who may be interested.

Thanks for your patience guys ^^

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